Giulia Baccarani

My collection is the expression of a personal artistic and creative will, pursued with an unconditioned confidence both in the material employed and in the execution technique, aiming to offer a unique style to the person wearing it. Which woman would not like to wear a unique ornament suitable to emphasize the elegance and “charme” of her own personality?
That is why I have designed and realized jewels far from the cliché suggested by the latest fashion. Thus each piece of work is unique, created by the silica–fire play, by the presence of noble metal and the fascination of diamonds.
The anatomic and ergonomic study on the balancing of single pearls in course of assembling enables wearing the jewels without feeling their burden which is released on the carrying structures of the neck.
Necklace, ring, and earrings allow to interchange the pearls, to accommodate the creativity of the woman who loves to experiment, but it focuses on the concept of parure: different every time you want. Last but not least is the recollection of starry skies: that is the reason why my collections are named after the constellations of our hemisphere.